Individual Nutrition Coaching 

We use motivational interviewing and client-centered techniques and to help clients make sustainable lifestyle modifications and we guide them through a journey of building healthy eating habits. 



All our interventions are based on solid evidence. In addition to keeping up to date with the latest literature findings, we are constantly analyzing our client's results to improve our approach. Moreover, we are actively engaging in research that promotes our population's health.


Community-based intervention   

Besides working with individual, our work involves public health. We design, deliver and monitor high quality nutrition and weight loss interventions for the community.


I am sure that many of you have previously experienced the mental frustration, emotional roller coaster and physical stress that comes with diets and weight loss programs. Whether it is a commercial diet, a local dietitian's standard diet or even an "all-day-bananas" crash diet, you will notice by now that they all have common feelings of deprivation, frustration, and weakness in the face of food. These diets all result in inevitable failure.

Here is the good news: although all of these diets may seem to be different, they are all the same, since they are based on one thing - the reliance on will power to restrict food and to make better choices.

Sure, will power can be an awesome tool. But the truth is our will power is unreliable.  Our will power will show up only 10% of the time, sometimes when we want, other times when we don't.  This is obviously not enough to change your entire lifestyle once and for all.

On the other hand, habits and practices, which are your brain's auto pilot feature, are designed to help you get things done faster, easier and without the need for will power. Habits are so powerful that they control our lives. These could be habits of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations or behaviors. That is why working on building good habits while replacing the bad ones is at the core of my practice in helping my clients change their lifestyles and bodies.

So allow me to help you create the mental habit that will change your life.

Committed to your success,

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