Dr. Shady Labib, a certified nutritionist specializing in sports-nutrition and health coaching, believes that all conventional dieting methods with their associated mindsets have repeatedly proven to fail. He believes that true transformation lies in a real mindset change from dieting to body, mind and soul nourishing.  He is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a member of the General Syndicate for Sports with a specialty in nutrition, and also has his BChD in Oral and Dental Medicine from Cairo University.

After discovering that true change comes from a change in lifestyle and mindset, life has changed for him. He became a happy person at peace with himself.  One day, in a deep moment of clarity, he decided that he wanted to commit his life to helping others change the same way he did. This is when he sought certifications in nutrition and sports-nutrition and left his highly rewarding dental career to start pursuing his passion and purpose in life.