Initial assessment +
Initial consultation session
(45 mins) includes :

  • Taking initial measurements (Skin fold test & body fat/lean mass calculations, girth, body weight and progress photos)
  • Interpreting the results of the measurements and the questionnaires (previously submitted online), explaining to you the obstacles that might be compromising your performance level during competition and pinpointing the deficiencies in your current routine that need to be improved upon for performance optimization and energy sustainability.
  • Discussing and setting sports performance outcome goals
  • Supplement education
  • Nutrient timing education
  • Primary nutritional guideline


Follow up sessions
(45 mins,
usually bi-weekly) include:

  • Follow up measurements (Skin fold test, girth, body weight, progress photos).
  • Progress evaluation.
  • Nutritional troubleshoot (if necessary):  Together we discuss and solve the problems that made it hard for you to meet your sports performance and competition goals.
  • Nutritional adjustments: We will add new behavioral goals and habits. Also we will do the necessary adjustments to the current plan in order for you to move forward to your sports performance and competition goals.
  • Supplement education

High level Individualization strategies session includes:

The individualization strategies, while more complicated than the others, definitely are designed to help athletes meet their sport's highly demanding nutritional requirements, thus optimizing performance. They include:

These include calorie recommendations specific to each athlete's activity level and body type.

This includes macronutrient guidelines specific to each athlete's body type and sport .

This includes nutrient timing guidelines specific to each athlete's body type and sport .

Includes special dietary strategies including how to best follow very-low carbohydrates diets, very-low calorie diets, very-high calorie diets, and cyclic diets when warranted. Also includes designing specific nutritional strategies for pre-competition, competition and recovery seasons. Competition strategies also include meal planning and preparation, especially during traveling for competition.

High level individualization sessions are highly demanding advanced sessions that requires your full compliance. They are recommended for athletes who have had a prerequisite of both "Initial assessment & consultation session" and "follow up sessions" and who are are preparing for competitions.