Dr.Shady Labib has developed a unique program for companies and organizations who wish to improve their employee's health. The program is holistic since it tackles nutrition, ergonomics, stress management, fitness and disease prevention. 

Why companies hire Dr. Labib's corporate wellness programs?

  • To reduce sickness absence 
  • To improve performance of the company's workforce buy meeting nutritional requirements
  • To strengthen the employer's brand among competitors and to increase retention
  • To improve team spirit 

Program structure

Dr. Labib offers a wide variety of interactive workshops and seminars which fall under 3 main themes:

  1. Weight management: includes workshops on advanced strategies for fat loss, eating healthy on busy days, sustaining weight loss on the long term and exercising for fat loss.  
  2. Energy boosting and Stress management: includes workshops on stress control, boosting energy through nutrition, improving sleep and work space ergonomics 
  3. Health promotion: includes workshops for the prevention of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

The program is highly customized to meet each company's objectives, which are determined during an initial consultation session. It can be composed of either a single theme or, a selected combination of workshops from each theme. The program could be delivered on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to accommodate the company's calendar and timeline.  

The 6-weeks weight loss challenge 

The 6-weeks weight loss challenge is a successful transformation and motivation program that Dr. Labib has delivered to several companies in Cairo. The program targets employees who wish to loose weight in a short period of time and draws on group motivation to reinforce compliance. It includes body composition analysis, weekly nutrition plans, exercise sessions and a reward system for the best performer. 

Our corporate and organizational clients